What does Eagle Fever mean to you?
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EagleFever.com is part of the GoldenEagles.net network and is not affiliated with the University of Southern Mississippi. 
It was created and registered on the 10th of May 1999 for the personal enjoyment of Southern Miss fans everywhere.
EagleFever.com is part of the GoldenEagles.net network and is not affiliated with the University of Southern Mississippi. 
It was created and registered on the 10th of May 1999 for the personal enjoyment of Southern Miss fans everywhere.
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What does Eagle Fever mean to you?
Let us know

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by David K. Spence

There is a spirit that embraces all of those who are a member of the University of Southern Mississippi family.  This spirit has long carried pride and tradition for many years and will continue to guide the feet of future generations at good ol' Southern Miss. 

"Eagle Fever," as it is collectively known, is not only a spoken slogan of Southern Miss, but is manifested by Southern Miss students, faculty, staff and alumni.  "Eagle Fever" is seen through the Black and Gold that envelopes the Southern Miss campus, but is also experienced through everyday interactions with the Southern Miss people.

To me, "Eagle Fever" is an opportunity to show my love and admiration for those that have contributed to the progression and growth of our beloved Southern Miss.  I will always feel "Eagle Fever" for the rest of my life when I recall the wonderful memories and experiences that I gained at good ol' Southern Miss.
Spirit, Pride, Passion, Family and Devotion
by Kerry Ward

What it means to me -
You really don't truly know you have it until the first fall you go back for that first football game seeing friends again, the the smell of grills, the laughter, the electricity of football is in the air and you know that you're in for a great day of course you can get this from any Univsersity - but knowing that you went to Southern Miss makes you hold your head a little higher and you stick your chest out a little farther.

You do this because you are proud that win or lose, you know that we do more with less and nother is ever given to us...we earn everything we get!

We know that we are respected and that people outside of Mississippi know who the best team is in the state.

Most of all - we have a respectable program - when you hear about us on ESPN, it's about what we do ON the field, not what we do OFF the field.
by Michael Fooladi

Eagle Fever is the feeling you get starting in the summer.  You start feeling butterflies in your stomach, and start thinking ahead of what you need to make your tailgating party bigger and better than the year before.  As the summer months pass, you begin checking your calendar to make sure you are off work for the home games, and you begin planing your road trips to the away games.  The week before the game, the fever really intensifies.

You can't concentrate at work and you read the sports page of the daily newspaper for commentaries on the week's match-up.  The day before the game, you wash your truck/car and load up the necessities need for a day of tailgating.  The day of the game, you hang up your USM window flags, stick the magnets on the doors, put on your game-day hat, shirt, and clothing and head to "The Rock."

You start early that morning at "The District" and when you hear the Pride Marching Band in the distance, you ruch to see "Eagle Walk."  You cheer uncontrollably as the players walk by encouraging them to win by an "Eagle Landslide," and then you find your seat at the game.  After the game, you know you had it bad if you've lost your voice...This is what Eagle Fever is to me!

by Will Hansen

Eagle Fever is the father-son connection that my father and I share.

We don't hunt or fish together, and I didn't follow his career path.  Our connection has alwas been Southern Miss.

As a young child, even before I liked or understood football, my father would make the short drive from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to watch the Eagles play.  In those days, tickets were hard to come by for us - -- not because there was a shortage of tickets, but because we didn't always have the money.  But, somehow, we always found a way to sit in Roberts Stadium on those Saturdays.  Eagle Fever is a grandfather, who never went to college and never attended any games with us, giving my dad money from time to time so he could bring me to games.

In 1986, Eagle Fever was a fourteen-year-old boy sitting in the end zone in Mississippi Memorial Stadium watching Mississippi State take  lead with only four minutes left in the game.  I remember watching the Black-and-Gold faithful deflate and feeling uterly helpless.  But, Eagle Fever meant getting out of my seat and pleading with the crowd for support because I knew that my team needed their help more than ever.

And, Eagle Fever was the sheer ecstasy of watching Shelton Gandy score his fourth touchdown of the day leading Southern Miss to a 28-24 victory.

Eagle Fever is sitting in the stands for over twenty years in spite of weather like 110 degree heat and the horrid down pours of 1988.  It is being struck with awe the first time as a student you walk across campus by The Rock.

Eagle Fever is completely understanding what it meant to be a student with Brett Favre and Clarence Weatherspoon.  It is attending every single game because you know somewher in your soul that players and games like that my never happen again.  It is making the drive to Alabama again and again in the hopes that you will walk out of that stadium with a victory.  It is driving to Atlanta to watch the Sixers vs. the Hawks because the "Spoon" is playing.  And it is driving to Baton Rouge to watch Courtney Blades thrust an infant softball program into the College World Series, again.

To sum up what Eagle Fever means to me in two hundred words is almost impossible.  Simply put, it is a life style.  It is an eleven year-old, fifth grader listening to games on the radio and updating my dad because he was too nervous to listen.  It is a nineteen year-old, college sophomore holding my sister's hand as we watched Favre beat Auburn in 1990.  It is the thrilling excitement that casued me to cry as I left Legion Field in 1995, and in 2000, laugh almost uncontrollably as we shut out the Tide.  It is a fan who feels deep sorrow over the death of the coach's high school aged daughter.  It is butterflies when two-a-days begin in August.

My wife says, "You get too upset during these games. You're going to have a heart attack one day."  On the contrary, win or lose, I am at peace and the happiest I can be on those hot Saturday afternoons in The Rock watching my Eagles play.
by Dedric Lee

Eagle Fever is a passion for Southern Miss.  It is a desire to cheer, travel and show your support for USM.  It is a feeling that is so special you want everyone to know you have it.  Eagle Fever is like the joy when you see an ole friend.  It brings back the great times of the past and reminds you that the best of Southern Miss is yet to come.

Eagle Fever is that burning desire deep down in your soul that make Southern Miss special.

Eagle Fever also means to share with friends and colleagues what a great feeling being an Eagle means.  Eagle Fever means to stand up for Southern when others put her down.

Eagle Fever is the bond that USM fans share.  No matter how terrible or great the circumstances, you know that there is a fellow Eagle out there just like you, who has the most love and respect for Southern Miss.
Eagle Fever
...What is it?