How much do you know about Southern Miss?
Take the quiz and find out!

1. Since what year has Golden Eagles been USM's mascot?
    A) 1912
    B) 1972
    C) 1954
    D) 1910

2. Prior to Golden Eagles what was the University mascot?
    A) The Southerners
    B) Golden Bears
    C) Southern Warlords
    D) Timberwolves

3. In what years did the University win the College Division National Championship in football?
    A) 1957 & 1958
    B) 1933 & 1937
    C) 1958 & 1962
    D) 1963 & 1974

4. In what year did the Golden Eagle football team defeat Alabama 38-29 in Paul "Bear Bryant's last game ever as Alabama's head coach at Bryant-Denny Stadium?
    A) 1979
    B) 1980
    C) 1981
    D) 1982

5. What team did former Golden Eagle running back Sammy Winder play for?
    A) Denver Broncos
    B) New Orleans Saints
    C) Baltimore Colts
    D) Atlanta Falcons

6. In what year did the Southern Miss basketball team called the "Golden Giants" finish the year 23-3 and ranked #2 in the UPI college division poll?
    A) 1980-81
    B) 1958-59
    C) 1960-61
    D) 1974-75

7. Where did the USM fight song originate?
    A) a play performed on campus
    B) copied from another college
    C) compiled by a group of fraternity brothers
    D) developed through a committee

8. Where was the original location of the R.C. Cook Student Union (now located on the north end of The Hub)?
    A) Forrest County Hall
    B) McLemore Hall
    C) Hattiesburg Hall
    D) College Hall

9. What date is considered "Founder's" Day at Southern Miss?
    A) March 30
    B) April 10
    C) May 29
    D) May 28

10. What is Seymour's last name?
    A) Pride
    B) Fever
    C) USM
    D) D' Campus

11. Who was the first Southern Miss football player to earn All-American honors?
    A) Ray Guy 1972
    B) Sammy Winder 1983
    C) Dick Shields 1935
    D) Less Clark 1955

12. Ray Guy set an NCAA field goal record (since broken) in 1972 against what team?
    A) Florida State
    B) Alabama
    C) Texas Christian
    D) Utah State

13. What was the original use of The Hub?
    A) Dance Hall
    B) Locker Room
    C) Dining Hall
    D) Study Hall

14. What conference was the University in from 1948 -1952?
    A) Gulf States
    B) Kudzu
    C) Great Southern
    D) Colonial

15. Southern Miss has played in how many bowl games?
    A) 14
    B) 17
    C) 12
    D) 13

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